Nerita peloronta

Nerita peloronta Linnaeus, 1758

Biological Flags

  • Types: type species
Languages: English


Diagnostic Description

Original description: "N. testa striata, labiis dentatis: interiore planiusculo rugoso" (Linnaeus 1758).

Type specimens:

Author(s): Frey, Melissa A.
Rights holder(s): Frey, Melissa A.

Look Alikes

Nerita versicolor

Author(s): Frey, Melissa A.
Rights holder(s): Frey, Melissa A.

Ecology and Distribution


Western Atlantic: Bermuda and southern Florida; Caribbean; Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico to Venezuela

Author(s): Frey, Melissa A.
Rights holder(s): Frey, Melissa A.


Marine intertidal: rocky shores; upper littoral

Author(s): Frey, Melissa A.
Rights holder(s): Frey, Melissa A.


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